Meet Parisa Tabriz, The Secret Weapon And Security Princess Who Keeps Google Safe And Sound

  1. Parisa Tabriz is a ‘white hat’ hacker. That means she is paid top dollar to hack into Google’s systems as a Google employee.

  2. And because Google is the most popular entity on the Internet, it gets a lot of attention from the mischevious people. Parisa Tabriz makes sure that Google is never compromised.

  3. Tabriz calls herself a ‘security princess’ and runs the group of Resident Hackers.

  4. Tabriz encourages women and even college students to take up programming. She emphasises that you don’t need to start programming as a kid to become the best in it.

  5. In 2012, she was named ‘Top 30 under 30’ people to watch in the Technology Industry by Forbes. Despite her tough job and important profile, she manages to chill out very well.

    Sources – Wired, The Telegraph

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